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Zoo Hospital Wii


As a recent graduate of Veterinary College, it is your job to help your Aunt Lucy and her once-famous zoo from becoming a golf course.

Treat each animal as it falls ill and unlock new species; including a dolphin, tiger, chimpanzee, snowy owl and meercat. Each animal comes with an encyclopedic database to help brush up on your knowledge! Make sure to keep each animal happy and healthy, and the zoo's popularity, and attendance, will rise.

Treat viruses, broken bones, dental disease, parasites, wounds and many more ailments as you progress through the game. Get to know each animal through feeding and petting.

Use the Wiimote to select sick animals and treat them through various mini games. Zap viruses, stitch wounds and find the correct place to administer injections. Quick, successful treatment will earn trophies and plaques!

Get help from a friend in cooperative multiplayer mode and perform procedures together.

Visit Majesco Entertainment.

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Available in Australia on the Nintendo Wii.


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